100 Inconnus.

Before launching this project, I was thinking for quite some about how to define it and then to follow the same track during the entire project duration. I came to the following set of principles that are certainly not imposing anything to anyone, but reflect my personal view on what I would like to reach. I will try:

  1. to only take portraits of strangers in the street that neither me nor my friends know
  2. not to ask for their names to keep them “strangers”, on the other hand talk to them if possible to know their story and always have a detail that will remind me of them
  3. not to make any difference between age, gender, personal wealth, skin, religion … BUT
  4. not to take a photo of a homeless person (just because I do not find it right to show off someone in difficulties…Even if these are often powerfull photos)
  5. not to shoot in secret
  6. not to pay for my photos
  7. to finish this project by end of summer 2014 (ugh ugh rather 2015)

In this context, please let me introduce you (click on the photos to see the gallery):



  1. What a great start, Sara !
    The joy you have in taking these pictures is clearly jumping over to the observer … now, I’m keen to hear all about the peoples’ stories ;)
    Keep at it !!!

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