The man who knows the quarter

You are taking a walk and you watch people around you searching for someone special to take picture of… Someone who would represent the quarter that like that much, someone with a feeling and a story.

He was standing in the middle of the open door of his old clothes store looking far away as if waiting for something special. When I saw him I just had to get closer even if I was not sure about the reaction. But no fear necessary, he was a very kind man…

“You know, I have been here since 35 years. Nothing was the same as it is now, do you se that fontaine? No way that existed when I came here…”. He looked quicky to his colleague, who smiled at me: “Not me, I was not here since that long time ago!”.

I was glad to be able to take photos of both of them. If one day you pass by that street between Chatelet and Le Marais, let you be charmed by this place.

The man who knows the quarter

9. The man who knows the quarter


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