Pink is good!

Too sweet? Too flashy? Too girly?

Maybe! But it looks so nice on photos. On my recent walks I took two “pink” photos, a lovely little girl and a beautiful Marocain woman.

The girl was just sitting there with her sister and staring at me when playing with her bubble bottle. I smiled at her father sitting next to her and I knew I had the permission to take the first picture of my “inconnu child” ! And it felt great, the bubble girl just made bubbles again and again giving me the great opportunity to take this lovely photo below.


13. The bubble girl (Buttes Chaumont)

And then this beautiful woman with her kind smile, pretty eyes and pink head scarf. You just need to love her! And you would definitely love her food – the coucous was delicious!


14. A girl with a pink head scarf (Marché des enfants rouges)


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