“Can you send me the photo … via regular post?”

When I take pictures of strangers in the streets, I often ask them if they wish me to send them the photo I will place on my blog. They are in general happy about this and give me their e-mail address.

This old man sitting on a bench in a park made me think though. After his first (and normal) reaction “Are you going to sell the photo?” and after ensuring him that no way, that I would only use for my personal reasons and place it on my blog, he allowed me to make a few shots. He simply continued to play the harmonica and offered me the opportunity to take the natural photo without any posing.

His response to my usual question then was: “I do not have an e-mail address, I can only give you my postal address, can you send me the photo via regular post?”

Well of course I can! It will be my pleasure to develop it and use the traditional way to send it. Actually, it will be much more personal than sending via e-mail … He did not believe I would do it, but I will!

18. The harmonica player

18. The harmonica player (Buttes Chaumont)


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