Month: November 2014

A woman radiating kindness

I saw this woman from the other side of the pavement and almost ran to not miss her. Don’t know why, often it is colours that attract your attention, but this time I was attracted by this sort of kindness she was radiating all around. And when I approached her to take a portrait, I knew I was not mistaken. She was very shy, like a fairy, I had the feeling that the moment I got to spend with her will be over soon. And yet we could chat for a moment allowing me to learn that she was French living partially in the US with her husband. She did not even hesitate to compliment me and my project… I left that place with some kind of inside satisfaction.

24. A woman radiating kindness (Paris 6)

24. A woman radiating kindness (Paris 6)


That Chinese Gallery Girl

How many times did you have the chance to be invited to a newly opened Chinese gallery with a personalised guided tour? Try to start photographing 100 strangers and maybe you will! I bumbed into this girl in the street of the 6th arrondissement of Paris, asked her to have a picture and then I saw myself going through this 5 stairs gallery of intresting (unfortunately for me unknown) objects. She even nicely informed me that they also have ‘cheaper’ stuff for less than 5000€ … ;-)

23. That Chinese Gallery Girl (Paris 6)

23. That Chinese gallery girl (Paris 6)