black & white portrait

He came to France from Brazil…

… with the objective to improve his cooking skills. And the French.

“You know if you say in Brazil that you cooked in France, you are just hired. French kitchen is delicious, something really amazing. But the damn French language is so hard!” Partly in French, partly in English, we were chattingĀ  about the different cultures, the beauty of life in Brazil and in Paris, about the best Brazilian city to party reminding European Ibiza. What was the name again? I really must visit it one day!

One beer later, I just had to go, but I spent a nice half an hour with these guys thanks to my 100 Inconnus project.

16. A guy with a lot of piercing... and a lot to say! (Buttes Chaumont)

16. A guy with a lot of piercing… and a lot to say! (Buttes Chaumont)