Month: May 2014

“Can you send me the photo … via regular post?”

When I take pictures of strangers in the streets, I often ask them if they wish me to send them the photo I will place on my blog. They are in general happy about this and give me their e-mail address.

This old man sitting on a bench in a park made me think though. After his first (and normal) reaction “Are you going to sell the photo?” and after ensuring him that no way, that I would only use for my personal reasons and place it on my blog, he allowed me to make a few shots. He simply continued to play the harmonica and offered me the opportunity to take the natural photo without any posing.

His response to my usual question then was: “I do not have an e-mail address, I can only give you my postal address, can you send me the photo via regular post?”

Well of course I can! It will be my pleasure to develop it and use the traditional way to send it. Actually, it will be much more personal than sending via e-mail … He did not believe I would do it, but I will!

18. The harmonica player

18. The harmonica player (Buttes Chaumont)


He came to France from Brazil…

… with the objective to improve his cooking skills. And the French.

“You know if you say in Brazil that you cooked in France, you are just hired. French kitchen is delicious, something really amazing. But the damn French language is so hard!” Partly in French, partly in English, we were chatting  about the different cultures, the beauty of life in Brazil and in Paris, about the best Brazilian city to party reminding European Ibiza. What was the name again? I really must visit it one day!

One beer later, I just had to go, but I spent a nice half an hour with these guys thanks to my 100 Inconnus project.

16. A guy with a lot of piercing... and a lot to say! (Buttes Chaumont)

16. A guy with a lot of piercing… and a lot to say! (Buttes Chaumont)

Pink is good!

Too sweet? Too flashy? Too girly?

Maybe! But it looks so nice on photos. On my recent walks I took two “pink” photos, a lovely little girl and a beautiful Marocain woman.

The girl was just sitting there with her sister and staring at me when playing with her bubble bottle. I smiled at her father sitting next to her and I knew I had the permission to take the first picture of my “inconnu child” ! And it felt great, the bubble girl just made bubbles again and again giving me the great opportunity to take this lovely photo below.


13. The bubble girl (Buttes Chaumont)

And then this beautiful woman with her kind smile, pretty eyes and pink head scarf. You just need to love her! And you would definitely love her food – the coucous was delicious!


14. A girl with a pink head scarf (Marché des enfants rouges)

And what is your style?

I am quite an ordinary person. Natural hair, not much of make-up, ordinary clothes… Honestly, if I saw me in the street, I would not take a photo of myself!

Maybe for this reason I admire people who dare to be different, who developed thair specific style. And of course, I love to take photos of them – see the great style of the man below who bacame the 12th inconnu in my gallery!

12. A man with style (Chatelet)

12. A man with style (Chatelet)

A nice encounter with New York Haute Couture

What surprises can you have when taking people in the street? A lot! The proof is the admirable woman below – a very nice person living since 27 years half in Paris, half in NewYork, a charming, smiling, easy-going clothing designer. When I ask her if she wants me to send her the pictures, she proposes to give me her business card. And only when I check her website, I can see that she dressed more that a few Hollywood stars…

Proud to have you here!

11. A very friendly clothing designer (Le Marais)

11. A very friendly clothing designer (Le Marais)